Extra Email- Fundraising for Madagascar

As you know, we have a good relationship with Bishop Hall, who used to work with Mother Jane in London, who is a Bishop in Madagascar. He has spoken twice in the parish and we appreciate his regular updates. He has sent this email recently, stressing the financial crisis they are currently facing there…

“Three houses simultaneously need a lot spent on them – money we haven’t got and the MU members are besides themselves with worry as how to fund their fares to the mammoth triennial Conference in August. Yet they are all pressing ahead with sewing their MU uniforms and buying tee shirts!! The last triennial was hugely subsidised by Sarah by various means that she no longer has.

I might have to make a direct appeal to some Irish MU who have an MU link with the diocese of Fianarantsoa where the Conference is being held. I am responsible for getting Bishop Rose of Dover and 2 other clergy from Canterbury there. The World Wide MU President  has got in before me and hired the 3 seater MAF plane that day! I currently negotiating for them to do another flight early the next morning making an exhausting programme for the visitors.”

As a result of this email, and to honour our friendship, we are proposing to have retiring collections at St Paul’s and St Nick’s this Sunday and on the 23rd as well. There will also be a sale of cakes over coffee on the 23rd at St Paul’s so do please bring a cake to sell and/or some money to buy on the day. People can also donate at Evensong this week- and you can also put money in a labelled envelope through the door of the Parish Rooms or the Rectory.

Thank you- and do please continue to pray for Bishop Hall and Sarah and the whole community they serve, lead and are part of.

Here, again, is his latest letter to remind you of some of the challenges and joys of his ministry…

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