#302: When is a party not a party?

[Bec Abbey, Normandy]

Dear all,

Bertie sends his apologies and his regret but he is not able to come to the computer at the moment- he is courageously walking to Downing Street to interview Dilyn the Downing Street dog to get the full picture on what has been happening there since it is all anyone is talking about. This could be the scoop which makes his name, as long as the Google translate app on his phone holds up and can change woofs into squeaks. If he finds out anything of interest you will find out second, after his hero, Laura Kuennsberg. She has been paying him money for stories for years- in fact, he is her main source for all of her scoops because noone notices the tiny mouse standing in the corner underneath the coffee table taking notes. Well, only the cats notice and noone listens to a thing that they say. So, you’re stuck with me- sorry- and here is the news Bertie has left me to share…

Confirmation Course and other courses you might enjoy!

Bishop Olivia is coming to confirm people from St Paul’s and All Saints on Sunday the 20th of March at 3.30pm- do please put the date in your diary, especially since we will need welcomers and a Choir (tbc) and there might even be refreshments by then. If you haven’t been baptised or confirmed, and would like to think about it, then do please speak to me or Cara.

We will also be running a course looking at what Christians believe on a Tuesday evening from the 8th of February, which anyone can come along to, and which will be the preparation course running for those being confirmed. It would also be good for anyone who wants to refresh their faith or think more deeply about things.

The Tuesday Bible Study Group will continue to meet (separately).

And on a Thursday in Lent we are joining with Ruscombe, Twyford and Hurst to do the LLF Course. Living in Love and Faith (LLF) is the material put together by the Church of England nationally to think about same sex relationships, and to address questions around identity, gender and sexuality. One session each day will be in person and one will be on Zoom. Do please block those days out of your diary if you can and would like to.

This Sunday

Jane is taking the 9.30, Cara is taking the 10am at Woosehill and Roy Burgess is doing the 11am. (Richard is at St Sebastian’s, Wokingham Without in his role as Area Dean). There is also Evensong at 6.15pm at St Paul’s which is the perfect and relaxing way to move into Sunday evening. See you then.

And here is the text of my sermon from Sunday (the Baptism of Christ) for anyone who missed it or would like to read it more slowly and carefully… Isaiah 43 and Luke 3…

Coming to a Church or computer screen near you soon…

Parish Zoom Quiz on Saturday the 5th of February- always great fun, and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own lounge to join in. For more info, open the file below…

We will be collecting food etc for the Wokingham Foodbank on Sunday the 13th of Feb in the morning services at St Paul’s and St Nick’s. We always separate out our collection away from harvest so we give a second boost of goods to the Foodbank in the late winter when stocks are lower. Do please make a note in your diary now, and watch this space for more details of what they are especially collecting at the moment.

Other bits and pieces

Do use this amazing monthly calendar which is about an act to make you happy every day– and not all of them are drink gin! As recommended by Julieanne Taylor, the Head of St Paul’s Junior School.

PowerPoint Presentation (

The Holt School send a Year Group to visit local Churches each year, and this year it is happening on the 3rd and 10th of Feb. If you would like to work with Soulscape to walk with them get them to the next Church on time and be generally friendly then do please volunteer to Richard who will give you more details.

This link takes you to the list of Courses being run by the Diocese of Oxford in the next few weeks- finding out more about being a Christian is an excellent New Year’s Resolution… Lifelong learning – Diocese of Oxford (

There are still plenty of jobs to volunteer for if you are starting to think about doing a bit more in the community- especially, we are short of School Governors who are comfortable in meetings and keen to support our local Schools. Details of that, or of anything else you like the look of, from the clergy or indeed anyone who looks as if they might have an idea!

And this fabulous Epiphany poem has been written by Clare Coombe. It is superb.

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