Has anyone ever got wet more times than they have this week? [243]

[Andrew Harte took this photo of a swan with her cygnets at the University of Reading last week]

Bertie here, back with all of the front you expect from your cheeky and irreverent Churchmouse.

Here are 6 things I’ve noticed this week…

  1. it was so good to see some old friends back in Church on Sunday morning again- it’s been lovely to worship with you on the livestream and it was joyous to be in the same building as you this week, again.
  2. Neither I nor Fr Richard (or anyone from Church) would ever ask you to buy Amazon vouchers or send money in that way in an email. Please don’t fall for a scam which seems to be quite widespread across the Diocese at the moment- if, on the other hand, the appeal is for a skip full of Gouda then you can be sure it’s from me.
  3. Listening more, actually… this deserves a heading…

Listening to God, alone and together

Much of the sermon on Sunday was about how we listen to God, alone and together. The sheet which was sent to you, or given to you, explains why it matters so much that we tune our hearts to the heart of God, and how we listen together to what the guiding voice of the Spirit is saying. We are coming out of a time of much turbulence and change and it is really essential that we allow our return to a more familiar world to be guided and steered by God and not by our own preferences and instincts.

The sheet gives some ideas for how we can listen to God and also some ways in which you can feed the things you notice in prayer and listening in to the life of the Church. Please do discuss it with others, and please do join in. Your voice and what you notice matter very much indeed.

4. That nice lady Teri who is always leaving little lumps of Dorset Gorgonzola for me in Church needs my help so I must leap into action immediately- she is asking anyone who is not currently on the Electoral Roll at Church and would like to be to talk to her or pick up a sheet from the back of Church. (It is not a full revision year so only those who weren’t on in 2020 need to respond to this appeal). Replies need to be in by the 6th of June 2021. Do I get some more cheese now for listening so carefully?

5. Diocesan Synod is a key part of the Governance of the Church, it says here, on the scrap of paper Richard has given me and which he expects me to read. Anyone who is on the ER of the parish can stand for election, as long as they are proposed and seconded by people who are on Deanery Synod. Here is a leaflet with more information- and do speak to Richard if you would like to know more…

6. Katie Toogood from Sonning got their Churchmouse, Sir Percival May, to send me a message reminding me to remind you, my good friends, that she is hosting Compline every Wednesday at 8.30pm.

Meeting ID: 671 284 4089          Passcode: cT9Han

And finally…

Did you know that a beaver’s favourite cheese is e-dam?

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