Where has the sun gone? I was quite warming to that little yellow ball in the sky [248]

[No reason at all- just remembering old expeditions]

Hello, everyone- Bertie here back with some news which will blow your mind. It has taken me a while to get back home to write up my story from a well-placed source. My Pullitzer is coming. I can feel it. I have it on excellent authority, Cathedral mouse to Church mouse and there are few more sacred bonds than that, that the PM is going to get married soon at a large Church in London Victoria. You heard if here first. Hold on… what’s that wrapping up my vegan pie and chips and mushy peas. Oh bother…

Anyway, back to business… on with the show… there is a lot to pack in so, as always, do read it through and then act on the things you’re interested in before you get back into the day. Thanks.

This Evening- the feast of Corpus Christi

Today is the day in the Church’s year when we give thanks for the gift of the Eucharist. There will be a Mass at 8pm (in person or on the livestream) based on the Sunday morning Service Order you used last Sunday but with some additional prayers- which I will add here…

We are having some issues with the Wifi at the moment in Church- our upload speed has gone down from 8Mb to 1 Mb per second which is really poor- they failed to come yesterday as promised but are meant to be here today to resolve it- which is just to explain what is going on with the Livestream at the moment. We will get it fixed as soon as possible.

And in other news…

Tony Shortell’s funeral is on Tuesday the 8th of June at 12.30- here is the link for the webcast- his family are really pleased that his friends from Church will be able to be part of the service on Tuesday…

First Steps, our group for Pre-School children and their carers, starts back in Church on Thursday the 10th of June at 9.30- we’ve been waiting and longing to be able to meet again. Do come along, and do tell your friends and neighbours and indeed anyone you see in the street.

We still need to find some School Governors for both St Paul’s Juniors and St Cecilia’s Primary, when it opens in the Autumn of 2022. Please do think if it could be you.

We also need to find someone to take over organising the local collection boxes and a few other parts of the job for the Children’s Society. It is a compact and important job supporting one of our three charities. Please speak to Richard or Jean Vaughan for more info or to make us an offer we will almost certainly accept.

Wanted- wellies, sleeping bags, raincoats etc Mothers’ Union are helping this charity when we can and they are running a weekend for families to come to stay and have fun and encouragement.  There are dormitories for them to use but the plan is to provide sleeping bags so that they don’t need to carry so much stuff on the train for the weekend.  Also, as it’s hard to be sure of the weather, they would like to provide wellies and rain gear in case of need.  The children who are coming range in age from 2 to 16, so any size would be wonderful. I’m happy to collect things if you email me, and I need to have them by the end of this month. Thanks everyone. Jean Vaughan

News from the Scilly Islands

And a message from my Cousin Agnes, which I was thrilled to receive…

Some ladies came to visit our little church yesterday, I was so pleased to see them, Jane Bingham and 3 friends.  They like the Windows that I have to clean regularly, and it is so lovely to see humans again, there was no cheese dropped anywhere for me, which was a bit sad.

Do come over and visit me sometime, bring me some cheddar!

 Agnes the Church  Mouse.

 St. Agnes Island.

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