#368: King Charles on tour

Confirmation on Sunday the 26th by Bishop Olivia, including our 6 candidates

Bertie here, back with an exciting update. I am on a train. I am travelling on my own on one of those very smart SWR trains which I see rushing past Church every day. The best thing of all is that I can just walk under the barriers so it turns out that you don’t need a ticket. I came especially to visit the legendary cheesemongers, Hearts and Rinds, in Cheeseside and let me tell you- they did not disappoint. No sir, not at all- I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. Cheese from floor to ceiling, some free tasting dishes which I quickly filled my pockets with and a home delivery service which means that they even deliver to your mousehole. I think I am going to need a payrise. And a bigger waistcoat. Maybe I will accept that job as a consultant with that firm from South Korea after all… They were offering about £1,500 an hour and normally I don’t get out of bed for less than £1,750 but I might make an exception this time…

Palm Sunday

Please don’t forget that the service on Palm Sunday starts at the Oxford Road entrance of St Paul’s Junior School at about 9.10. Some people need to start in Church because walking is an issue but palm processions work best when everyone is there so we need as many people as possible to turn up there. It’s also a great chance to chat to our ordinands from Westcott House- Matilda and Dan- and their Tutor, Jennifer, who will be with her daughter for the day. Do make them very welcome.

And please don’t forget the Evening Service of Music and Readings for Holy Week, which is always a moving and beautiful start to the week. 6.15pm at St Paul’s. It’s like 9 Lessons but for Easter instead of Christmas.

Holy Week- the more you put into Holy Week, into walking the road with Jesus, the more you will get out of it and the more your faith and thanksgiving will be strengthened.

There will be a final Holy Week email coming out with details of where to find the Service of Compline we are encouraging people to join in with in Holy Week. Here is the poster for the week

And here is the information leaflet with more details of what is going on and what it all means

The Messy Church event on Good Friday from 10 to 12 is always busy, fun and moving. It is aimed for people of Primary School age and around that sort of age, and people can turn up and do the craft activities anytime in that window. Do tell your friends, family and selves. 

The theme for Holy Week is going to be around the five senses– so the 8pm Eucharists on Mon, Tues, Wed and Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday at 2, will all focus on a sense and how that sense and awareness helps us to step into Holy Week. The link for the Zoom on Wednesday is here

We are also doing Stations of the Cross on the Mon, Tues and Wed of Holy Week at midday in St Paul’s- do build that into your week if you possibly can.

Notices and News

The revised parish Electoral Roll is on display in the porch.  Please check that you are included, particularly if you have applied to be entered on the Roll this year.  Should you wish to see the full Roll, I will have it to hand in the vestry.     If you have any questions or comments please speak to me as soon as possible.   Teri

Here is the Annual Report for you to enjoy as you look forward to the APCM and AGM on the 23rd of April.

APCM Sunday 23rd April 2023 to be held in the Parish Rooms and on Zoom at 5pm.

This is your chance to hear what has been happening over the last 12 months.

Also at the meeting we will need to elect or re-elect two churchwardens for St Paul’s, two pro-wardens for St Nick’s, four Deanery Synod reps and up to five PCC members.

If you are interested in becoming a PCC member, please speak to Lesley, Fr Richard or one of the churchwardens as soon as possible and complete a nomination form.

The papers for the meeting and the nomination forms are all available on our website and in hard copy at the back of church.

Please consider whether you are called to stand, and also pray for the life and work of the PCC, its effectiveness, commitment and openness to the guidance of God.

A Reminder on the Collection Plate

More and more money is being donated to Church by Standing Order through the Parish Giving Scheme- if you would like details of that please speak to Lyn Austen. We are still very happy to have money put on the plate as well, of course, and wanted to stress three things about that:

1. The collection plate contains some donations but it also represents all of the giving the Church receives, which is why it is important to offer it,

2. Small tokens are available at the back of Church as you come in if you give to Church by Standing Order but would still like to put something on the plate,

3.  Thank you for all you do to support the parish and allow us to fulfil our mission and witness in the community.   

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