#284: Just a very pleasing number, somehow- but that might just be me…

(Reliquary in Copenhagen Museum)

Dear friends,

Bertie, back here again with all of the hot stories which are bubbling away in me like a delicious cheese fondue- oh just picture it, the bits of bread, the thick and luscious Swiss cheese gently rolling like the most gorgeous Roux sauce, the smell and the steam and the tantalising promise of perfection in the mouth- oh, forget the email, forget the news- I need to get my fondue set out and see what cheese I have in my 5th best cheese cupboard- back later- Richard, you have the bridge…

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Well, thanks Bertie- happy to take over- Sunday is the feast of St Luke so the services at 9.30 and 10 and 11 will focus on him and what we can learn from his Gospel. Then, don’t forget Sung Evensong at St Paul’s at 6.15pm, followed by refreshments at the back of Church.

Key Notices

We need more offers of food for the reception on Monday at Woosehill after Geraldine’s funeral– cakes and sandwiches and fruit and anything else people can nibble- you’re welcome to drop things off at Woosehill between 10 and 10.40 in good time to let everyone set things up before the funeral actually starts.

We are taking a few months off from First Steps (on a Thursday) but are planning an excellent and exciting event for Toddlers and their carers in December- watch this space- keep reading this email…

We are still looking for a volunteer to oversee the transition from our current way of receiving donations into the system set up, and run, by the Diocese. It is a time-limited and very manageable job for someone who would like to help but doesn’t want to get stuck with a job for ever, and for someone who is good with systems and organisation but wants a job they can do around other commitments.

We will be keeping All Souls’ Day on Sunday the 31st of October with candles lit in the Churchyard, and then a Eucharist at 6.15pm followed by refreshments in the Rooms, which everyone is invited to. Do please offer to help with any part of it, do come along and do invite your friends, and neighbours and family, especially if they have been bereaved in the last few years.

And, excitingly, the Woosehill Quiz is back in November- Bertie is hoping for a round on cheese, and also on the story of the Black 5 Steam Locomotive from 1948 to 1967, which is his little known specialism- he is smarter than your average mouse…

Parish Quiet Day, in November

Be still, and know that I am God

(Psalm 46 verse 10)

A Parish Quiet Day

 will take place in St Paul’s Church on

 Tuesday 16 November 2021

starting at 10am.

Coffee will be served straight after Morning Prayer

which is from 9am till about 9.30 — you are very welcome to attend too, if you wish.

Silence will be kept in the church (apart from communal prayer and reflection times)

but various activities and ideas for reflection will be available.

Lunch (bring your own) may be eaten in the Carpenter or Rapsey rooms; hot drinks will be available.

The day will end at 2.30pm, but the church remains open until at least 4.00pm.

Please email to book, or for further information.

Lucky Numbers

The four September Lucky Numbers winning numbers were drawn at random by the congregation of St Nicholas after communion on Sunday 10th October. (If all goes to plan the October draw will take place next week!)

The lucky winners were:-

£50   No 88 Petra Johnstone

£25   No 85 Frances Self

£15   No 31 Petra Johnstone

£10   No 78 Janet & David Charlton

The Draw is a simple way of raising funds for repairs and renewals to the church building. One share (number) costs £24 per year and the draw takes place monthly (either at St Nicholas’s or St Paul’s) for prizes of £50, £25, £15 and £10. All remaining funds go to the Restoration Fund. If you would like to subscribe, or want further information, please contact Tony Roberts (979 5351), Liz Gallagher (989 1176) or Mary Cassidy (979 5096) – or in person at church (Mary at St Paul’s, Tony or Liz at St Nicholas’).

News from outside the Parish

Here is the YouTube link for anyone who missed the 60th Anniversary of Songs of Praise and would like to catch up: BBC One – Songs of Praise, 60th Anniversary (03/10/2021) – YouTube

The Pyjama Project is a great thing to support because it helps children who are in hospital to feel remembered and important: details are here… do any groups want to get involved and take responsibility for organising a collection?

Also, this is Prisons Prayer Week (10th-17th October). The link for daily prayers for prisoners and families is

A Hymn to reflect on

This hymn was written by Cara on a workshop, and it has been picked up for a nationally significant Day Course on the Church and disability:

(Still) Calling from the Edge – News – HeartEdge

The Lord restores my heart

based on Psalm 130 and the tune Veni Emmanuel (O Come, O Come Emmanuel)

Oh where, oh where are you my Lord my light?

Why hide your face, your presence from my sight?

Despair surrounds my soul, hope seeps out.

From murky depths, I beg you, hear my shout.

Draw near, dwell here, in you all hurt will cease

Restore my heart, bring hope, bring light, bring peace.

Release the tears that formed from grief and pain,

let longing flow through water once again.

I wait in my distress, dance alone.

Renew my life, the soul you once called home.

Draw near, dwell here, in you all hurt will cease

Restore my heart, bring hope, bring light, bring peace.

In ev’ry aching heart that longs for you,

plant seeds of joy and nurture them anew.

As dawn traces her light upon earth,

your healing power is brought once more to birth.

Draw near, dwell here, in you all hurt will cease

Restore my heart, bring hope, bring light, bring peace.

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