#292: White smoke!

Hi Bertie,

I understand you were good friends with my big brother Charlie the dog, regularly cruising round the churchyard looking out for cats to avoid or chase, so thought I’d best introduce myself as the latest and smallest (apart from you of course) member of St Paul’s. I can’t quite fill Charlie’s cat chasing skills but I love milk, which makes cheese, so I’m sure we’ll be just as good friends. My name is Albert Maurice Buddin and caused my mum and dad (Alice and Maurice) a very sleepless Thursday night arriving at 00.50 on Friday 26th November. I know lots of the congregation have been patiently waiting for news of my arrival and thought who better than Bertie to let everyone know that I’m here and we’re all happy, healthy and working out what goes on in this strange new world. Looking forward to meeting you in church soon along with all my new church family who were so welcoming to big brother Charlie that I have no doubt might have a friendly smile or two for me (when mum and dad finally figure out how to leave the house!). 

Your friend


PS yes I know I’m very technologically advanced for my age….livestream rota grandad?

Bertie adds: I am almost too excited at the thought of having a new friend to remember that, while I’m here, I should be attaching the orders of service for tomorrow- so here they are- for 9.30 and 6.15…

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