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Dear friends,

Apologies for the slight delay in this week’s epistle from the Mousehole- I have been trying to come up with a compelling, persuasive and witty reason for the delay but I haven’t managed to invent one. I have just been spending a lovely time with the Rector as his helpful assistant- yesterday was spent at St Paul’s Junior School for the day, talking to the children and learning all about Jack and the Backed Beanstalk and today has been spent at Holme Grange exploring labyrinths with Year 6. The only worrying aspect of the whole thing there was a terrifying bird with a green head and a lot of feather dusters for a tail which marched around as if it owned the place. Which it might do, but it was nearly enough to put a mouse off his crackers and cheese when he appeared in the tent behind me and started eyeing me up. I have never jumped into Fr Richard’s pocket as quickly in my life. And that is all I am saying about that until my next therapy session. To business!

Coming soon- this week

Sunday is the 2nd Sunday of Lent. There are services at 8, 9.30, 10 and 11 in the Parish- the middle two are Livestreamed as well as happening in person.

In the evening we have the meeting for Baptism Visitors– 5pm in the Parish Rooms- do come along if you are a visitor or would be interested in becoming one, supporting families as they come for baptism.

Deanery Synod happens on Zoom on Tuesday evening with a focus on Mission, with the Diocese offering ideas of what we could start or try, or build on- do come along!

Monday is the next Zoom meeting of 5, 6, 7, 8 our group for people in those School years. It’s a mixture of talking about Jesus and playing games- do speak to Richard for details and the relevant Zoom link.

Also on Tuesday night, there is the Bible Study for Lent. And since it is Lent, why not think about coming along to Morning Prayer (Mon, Wed and Thurs on Zoom at 8.30am, Tues and Fri 9am in person at St Paul’s) as a way of deepening your love of God.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 753 2006 4518
Passcode: 024453

Also, don’t forget the Confirmation Service at St Paul’s on Sunday the 20th of March at 3.30, where we will have two candidates- do come along and support them- and the Blessing of the Icon, on Wednesday the 23rd of March at 2pm, with Bishop Olivia, which will mark the completion of the restoration project.

News and Updates

Thank you to everyone who donated to the DEC for Ukraine after Church on Sunday- we received over £870 and the Parish has now made it up to £1,000 to send it off, in total. Thank you for such generosity and love.

We are wanting to capture some of the experiences of the last two years in the Annual Report– from people of all ages. If you would like to write anything between 10 and 250 words about the pandemic and your personal experience, around faith and the parish or anything like that, then please can you send it to Lesley Ruddock before the end of March? Thanks.

Margaret Davies is moving away in April, so we will need a new Chair for the Social Committee, which is one of the most important and active committees we have. Do speak to Richard or Margaret if you would like to find out more. Margaret wrote this overview of the role: “Some of the things I do are sorting the agenda for our meetings and emailing it out and then chairing our meetings which are about 4 times a year. Booking events and booking Parish Room, Organising on the day for events and liaise with yourself, Vanessa, Louise and Lyn.”

As well as the day Blessing the Icon, the 23rd of March is also now a National Day for Reflection. All Saints have sent this note to be included by Bertie:

Wednesday 23rd March is a National Day of Reflection following the pandemic – All Saints are organising a coffee morning and minutes silence, along with a Wall of Remembrance – please see attached flyer. It would be great to circulate this as widely as possible so as to reach people in our churches and community – please can I ask you to circulate in your church newsletters etc? I attach the info in a PDF and in a Word document in case you want to insert into a newsletter. Also please see this short powerful video about the National Day of Reflection –

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