#338: Adjusting to another new normal

Bertie here again, after an exhausting weekend and few days. Enormous thanks to everyone who has moved chairs, rung bells, sung, welcomed, cleaned, raised and lowered flags, read, supported and prayed over the last few days, for everyone who worked so hard to make the Services so welcoming and the Church so open to people. It has been so good to see people coming in and out all week- and my friend Louise tells me that we had exactly one unused page in the Book of Condolence which gives a sense of exactly how many people came to St Paul’s to breathe and reflect and give thanks for the life of our late Queen Elizabeth. Thank you. In particular, the Civic Service was the parish at its very best and a real privilege to be part of.

Here is a short poem Cara has written about the way in which the Queen’s funeral might have helped people to grieve who’s loved ones died in the midst of Covid:

And here is Richard’s sermon from Sunday morning, regarding the Queen and her example:

Oh, and as Richard’s Social Secretary I need to let you know that he is going to Vaxjo in Sweden tomorrow to be there for their 850th Celebrations, returning next Tuesday. He will get to see Johannes and the people at Johanneskirken and also Stefan at his new parish in Kalmar. The main celebrations for the anniversary are on Sunday with a service at the Cathedral.

And as the official and actual Office Manager, I need to remind you that the Parish Office is closed from Friday and all of next week- Vanessa and Cara and Peter Wells are still around so the Bridge is still most definitely in safe hands.

And on behalf of Lyn Austen, can I think all those who donated to the Pakistan DEC Appeal a few weeks ago at both St Paul’s and St Nick’s- we sent in a cheque for £400.

Coming Soon

Tonight… the inaugural meeting of the weekly Wednesday Night 5, 6, 7, 8 Group, aimed for people in and around those School years. 6.30-7.15pm. See you there!

This Thursday is week 2 of the Study of the Creeds at St Paul’s Parish Rooms- 8pm- and it is not too late to join if you couldn’t come last week. See you there!

This Saturday is the Quiet Day at Winnersh Church, led by Cara- focusing on Women in the Old Testament- do come along, and do tell your friends, especially if you are not used to such things. It will be relaxed, interesting and reflective and very friendly. It is not too late to book. In fact, why not do it now? Send an email. Pick up the phone. Clear your diary. You deserve it. See you there!

Sunday is Sunday– with lovely services at 8am, 9.30, 10 and 11. Woosehill have postponed their Harvest Festival until Soba is better and we hope that he is soon well again and back on his feet and out and about. Their Harvest will be on the 9th of October. And if you can’t come along in person, don’t forget the Livestream which is still a key part of the 9.30 and the 10am Services. See you there!

Coming Soon– and other matters of interest and intrigue

St Paul’s and St Nick’s keep Harvest on Sunday the 2nd of October, followed by the Harvest Lunch which you need to sign up for in advance. And please do. We collect donations for the Wokingham Foodbank in February each year- the October focus is on raising money for our three Charities- Home Start, Soulscape and USPG. Please bring your wallet or purse along, as well as some food or drink donations of things which can be easily auctioned and will be appealing to people- cakes and wine and fancy things always go down especially well. Or why not put together a small basket which children might enjoy bidding for? Thanks. See you there!

Here is Bishop Hall’s fascinating and reflective report on his part in the Lambeth Conference back in July. It is well worth a read, seeing it from the position of someone rooted in the Church of England and yet looking at things through Worldwide Anglican eyes.

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