#366: Short Lenten bonus email

Bertie here- I am in a bit of a rush because I have just been told of a pop-up cheese dispensary in a slightly dodgy industrial estate near Sandhurst where, if you pay enough, they will let you see and even lick the good stuff. It is a very big adventure for a very little mouse- oh, alright, a very short but surprisingly rotund little mouse- so I am off. My plan is to lie on the grass and look helpless and hope that one of those passing red kites might be persuaded to pop down and offer me a lift- and then, when I am in the right place, I will tell him a joke- and he will be so surprised that I am not only alive but also humorous that he will drop me in sheer amazement and then I will parachute gently to the ground. What could possibly go wrong?

Four important news headlines…

Clocks go forward on Sunday- don’t be late for Church, especially if you are coming to the 8 o’clock which will feel like 7 o’clock but actually will be the new 8 o’clock because the clocks will have changed. d’you see?

Please do come along to the Confirmation Service at St Paul’s at 6.15pm on Sunday evening- with Bishop Olivia- we have six candidates and there will be people there from six churches so it will be a big evening all round. If you would like to bake or buy a cake please can you let Alan Harrison know? and please can you pray our candidates, all of them part of our 5, 6, 7, 8 groups- Hugo and Rufus, Ella, Jacob, Stella and Freya.

Thank you to those who have offered to host three of our guests from Westcott House Theological College in Cambridge. That is really helpful and really important. We would like to be able to offer the hosts some money to pay for some of the food they will need to buy- perhaps you couldn’t offer to host but would like to buy an ordinand a meal while they are here? If so, please could you put cash in an envelope and hand it in to the office, or speak to Lyn Austen? Our hosts are offering to welcome our guests on behalf of us all so it is important it doesn’t cost them a lot of money to welcome them for us.

We are hugely looking forward to everything about Holy Week. In particular, we are doing another Good Friday Messy Church in the Parish Rooms and in Church as well. We will have about 8 tables and we will need 2 people on each table- perhaps and adult and someone from 5, 6, 7, 8s? If you would like to help- and it is important that we don’t really look to our J-Club leaders because they should be going round with their own children- please can you let Richard know? It would be a really good thing for someone perhaps who used to lead Sunday School to do because it is a one-off and really exciting!

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