#370: My little daffodils are dreadful cold

It is getting very close to the Triduum, the three Holy Days of Easter. Quick recap for everyone…

Maundy Thursday:

in the morning we will be cleaning shoes in the Marketplace from 10.30 to 12.30 as a way of evoking footwashing- please do come and say hello and see what is going on,

Then the evening starts with an organ piece from 7.45 so please be in your seats by then if possible… we still need a few volunteers to have their feet washed so, if that’s you, please remember to wear socks rather than tights… and please, everyone, bring along an instrument to bang or wave or blow as we enter into the Holy Days. It will also be the first time we have received the wine at St Paul’s for over three years- if you would rather not receive the wine, or you are full of cold, please just stand up and leave the rail after you have received the wafer.

Good Friday- Messy Church for 0-11s from 10 to 12 in the Rooms and Church, then Last Hour at the Cross at St Paul’s at 2 and St Nick’s at 3.30. There is also a CTW (Churches Together) procession in the Town Centre over lunch.

Holy Saturday: Church Cleaning and Easter Garden making from 9.30- and then the evening Vigil service is organised by Dan and Matilda from Westcott. It is a quiet and reflective service and they would love to have you there.

Easter Day- Services at 6am, 8am, 9.30, 10 at Woosehill and 11 and St Nick’s- lots to be part of! Do again bring your instruments (or ‘instruments’) along to St Paul’s that day.

If you’re going to be away then do find a Church to go to- but if you can’t do that, do check in on the Livestream because most of the services will be available through the internet too.

Thanks- and Happy Easter when it comes!

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