#381: the shortest night of the year

Bertie here with another thrilling and action-packed epistle- rather like my life. I am the Macavity of mice- ooh, actually, that is not my best ever analogy. It turns out that Macavity was not necessarily the pleasant chap TS Eliot would have you think. Certainly, my Great Aunt Tabitha didn’t think he was a gentleman after he made her husband, Theobald, erm, shall we say, disappear, leaving her with 12 grieving micelets to bring up. Not a gentleman at all. I will move on to save us all from needing a second tissue. The news! The news is always guaranteed to cheer us up…

This Coming Week

This Sunday we are keeping the feast of Peter and Paul at St Paul’s and St Nick’s. There is a lunch at St Nick’s after the service and J-Club is being led by the 5, 6, 7, 8s youth group which should be lots of fun. There are services at 8, 9.30, 10 and 11 in the parish, and you can join in online at the 9.30 or 10.

Also, David Hodgson is leaving All Sts after 26 years in post this Sunday, so do please pray for him, and for Lorraine, and for the whole parish as they move into the uncharted waters of a vacancy.

Other News and Notices

There is a great musical fundraiser at Winnersh Church next weekend- do please sponsor Pete, and turn up to support, and offer to play or sing for an hour if you can… Thanks. It really matters that we support our neighbours!

Upcoming Events – Parish of Winnersh (

We’re looking at creating some liturgical elements in the children’s area to accompany worship for the youngest members of our congregation. Starting with some peg doll priests with matching chasubles in liturgical colours. If anyone has some felt or fabric suitable to donate, or fancies having a go at making some, please get in touch with Cara. 

Also, there is going to be an outstanding Guitar and Bassoon Concert in St Paul’s in July, on the 29th- do put it in your diary and tell your friends!

Other bits and pieces

Bishop Stephen gave an excellent address to Diocesan Synod around AI and the opportunities and fears that come with it. It is 10 mins well spent-

Below is an update on the work the Deanery is doing on Green Issues at the moment…

A few links and pointers to things that were mentioned- 

  • There is a grant available from the deanery for ‘green’ projects, do apply, they can’t give the money away at the moment! –
  • There is an Eco Theology day on 17th July at Cuddesdon in Oxford, cost just £5, looks like an excellent and engaging day –
  • This week is the Big Green Week and there are lots of events happening in Reading –
  • All Saints Wokingham are hosting an Earth Fayre on 23rd September – all welcome – info here –
  • Andy from St Pauls is organising a series of lectures around climate justice in the autumn , info will follow

Soulscape have produced a new video to raise awareness of their vital work- they are one of our three Charities.

Soulscape awareness video: 

The Sonning Deanery Prayer Diary for July…

The opening hours at Quench at Holme Grange is changing- see below…

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