#382: It’s an Ashes summer

Dear chums,

I had a shocking moment of realisation this week. I have always used the word cheesy to mean epic, outstanding, wondrous, perfect- but imagine my horror when the Rector took me gently aside and told me that actually cheesy means a little shallow, a little cringy, a little, well, cheesy. I argued and argued that cheese is the best thing in the whole world and so being cheesy is the most high praise imaginable- and he replied that he was now very flattered at all of the times I had called him cheesy but the sad fact remained that I probably should stop calling him cheesy all of the time. Only now that I know what it means I think that it still applies- so can I carry on using it knowing that I now mean cheesy cheesy and he thinks that I mean wonderful and awesome? It it a dilemma for the ages. I will write to the Agony Aunt in the paper, Aunt Josephine, and see what she makes of it. While I do that and await her response, here is- trumpet fanfare- the news!

As part of our exciting link with the parish in Vaxjo, we have exchanged choir pieces this week so we get to enjoy them singing and they get to enjoy an Evensong Magnificat. Here is what they sent us, recorded in Mariakyrkan. It comes with their love and prayers: you just need to cut and paste the link below into your browser.

Happenings this week

Pathways, the quarterly publication by the Diocese, is available for collection this Sunday- do please take one and then read it and then pass it on to someone else who might be interested because it is a high-quality and well-produced publication.

We are relaunching our Tithings Groups at St Paul’s. Tithings are the bedrock of our pastoral care and mutual support at St Paul’s. They are groups for friendship, support, encouragement and, potentially, groups you can volunteer in to do things. Please do read the attached file (if you didn’t get one on Church on Sunday) and then please respond. Don’t be shy or frightened- when they work, they are a place of real grace and blessing and a great way of getting to know some new people.  And do speak to a member of the clergy if you would like to know more. 

Mothers’ Union Meeting

The next Mothers’ Union Meeting is on Thursday 6th July when Rev Jane Kraft, ably assisted by Ann Grice, will give a presentation on Celebrating 100 years of St Bartholomew’s Hospital.   We would love you to join us in St Paul’s Parish Rooms at 12.30pm for what promises to be a most interesting talk;  bring your lunch with you and we will provide light refreshments.

News and notices

There is a great musical fundraiser at Winnersh Church next weekend- do
please sponsor Pete, and turn up to support, and offer to play or sing for an
hour if you can… Thanks. It really matters that we support our neighbours!

Upcoming Events – Parish of Winnersh (

Please don’t forget the ever-popular Parish BBQ on the 9th of July at St Paul’s from 1pm- you need to get your ticket this week.  

We’re looking at creating some liturgical elements in the children’s area to accompany worship for the youngest members of our congregation. Starting with some peg doll priests with matching
chasubles in liturgical colours. If anyone has some felt or fabric suitable to donate, or fancies having a go at making some, please get in touch with Cara. 


Also, there is going to be an outstanding Guitar and Bassoon Concert in St Paul’s in July, on the 29th- do put it in your diary and tell your friends! 


Other interesting things and titbits

We are looking to gather and launch a Fundraising Committee so we can focus our attempts to raise money for the works we need to do on the Church in the next years, especially around the aisle roofs and the lighting in Church. If you have an interest in this kind of area, or would like to find out more, or would be willing to be part of it, please speak to a Warden or a member of the Clergy. Thanks.

More news from Madagascar

Lucky Numbers for July 2023

The Lucky Numbers draw for June took place at St Nicholas after Communion on Sunday, 18th June 2023.

Congratulations to the lucky winners who were:

£50     # 50     Yvonne Pett-Ridge             

£25     # 82     Janet & David Charlton

£15     # 21     Vince and Lorraine Pearson

£10     # 67    Pam & Tony Roberts

One share (number) costs £24 per year, and you can have as many shares as you wish. Funds remaining after the distribution of the prizes go to the Restoration Fund, for repairs and renewals to the church building.

For more information, please contact Tony Roberts (979 5351), Liz Gallagher (989 1176) or Mary Cassidy (979 5096) – or talk to Mary at St Paul’s, or Tony or Liz at St Nicholas’.

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