A Short Reminder!

Bertie here, briefly lifting my nose out of the rind of the Gouda I am currently obsessed with to add my burgeoning weight to the current Giving campaign. I have been watching Comic Relief for years so I have a deep understanding of the difference it can make when a genuine global phenomenon such as, even if I say it myself, me can make to this sort of campaign.

Clears throat.

Please give generously. It’s easy to do and it will make a big difference. If we can’t keep heating the church my carefully curated cheese chambers will warm catastrophically. And all of the other, nearly as important, things that the Church does might also be in danger.

Thank you! I will be here on the phone lines all evening…

Thank you, Bertie, for that, erm, moving if self-obsessed address. Here’s what he was meant to say…

Please do refer back to the extra email we sent out on Feb the 23rd for full details of the challenges we face this year financially and how we can meet them. It’s also easy to find on the first page of the website.

It is really easy to full in a Gift Aid form if you haven’t done so already so we can claim the tax back on your donation- email for a form.

and it is really easy to increase your giving with the Parish Giving Scheme by calling them on 0333 002 1260. Or you can go to their website: Home – Parish Giving Scheme

And if you aren’t currently a regular giver to the parish but would like to start then it’s the same website address Home – Parish Giving Scheme and it is hugely easy to do. Thank you.

Also, while we’re here, if you have joined the church about six months ago or more and would like to join the Electoral Roll then please speak to Teri Austen for a form- being on the parish ER allows you to stand for the PCC or an elected Office and to vote on who fills those posts. It is as close as we get to a membership list and the fact that our roll is rising is an excellent sign of our confidence and a testament to the life we share in Christ Jesus.

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