Pentecost Sunday [245]

Don’t forget to wear bright colours or party clothes to come to Church this Sunday for the birthday of the whole Church, whether you’re coming in person or are at home and part of it from there.

We have an 8am BCP, 9.30 at St Paul’s, 10 at Woosehill and then Judi is taking the service at St Nick’s at 11.

Here is the Order of Service for St Paul’s…

And here is a Collect written by Tony Kemp, former priest of the parish and now retired from his retirement in Wokingham to the Solent seaside.

Descend upon us, O Spirit of God;

Find your home in the depths of our being;

In our inner selves where we encounter the silent music of your voice;

Your song without words which leads us into your deepest mysteries;

The voice which opens our hearts to your profound truths;

Which assure us of your compassion and infinite love.

May your spirit steer us away from our empty words that drown out your voice,

And give us wisdom and discernment to respond to your call.

May your spirit make us a priestly people worthy of our calling,

And grant us our heart’s desire to serve you with empathy and compassion.

Kindle in us the fire of your love and raise our eyes to visions of your heavenly kingdom;

Where we are overcome by wonder, love and praise.


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