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Imminent and important Information you need

The Meditation Group meet tomorrow (Tues) at 1.15- see email 239 for full details and do go along.

This week is Christian Aid Week– and the details were in email 237, including of how to join in with the excellent Quiz on Friday night. Why not get together with a few friends or your Tithings Group and have some fun while raising money to support communities living in some of the most challenging contexts in the world.

Don’t forget the 8pm Service, in person and on the Livestream, on Thursday evening for Ascension Day. And yes to the person who asked me last week if it has to be on a Thursday- that’s what you get when you have to count 40 days from Easter Sunday.

Also, see email 239 for full details of the Vaxjo Pilgrimage from York to Sweden, which comes along the Thames in June. We are invited to join the pilgrims for a day or a part day of walking and fellowship and prayer.

Bits, bobs and bonuses!

Here is the sermon from Woosehill yesterday morning- part of it is focused on Woosehill specifically (which should be of interest to the whole parish) but it also talks a lot about God’s calls for us to become more and more fully ourselves and more and more fully his Church, thoughts which are very much at the heart of everything we do here in the parish:

USPG are appealing for support for India in the grip of a Covi-19 Crisis- see their website for details of how you can help and of what has already been achieved.

One Year Ago Today

Bertie was telling this story one year ago today, in email 55: here is a lovely story Lynn Smith has sent in, about how the Bertie email brings people together:

Yesterday I had a phone call from a lady that I first met aged 15 when we went to the World Guide Chalet in Switzerland, we didn’t keep in touch but about 8 years later as ward sister on the families ward in Hong Kong, I had a patient who for a couple of days I was sure I knew, but in the Mess was a sister with the same surname. Then one afternoon I was talking with her and the patient in the next bed when she said she came from Chard, my brain whirled into life and I said just Switzerland 1963 we just stood and reminisced. Later that day she brought her Fiancé to meet me and I was invited to their wedding where I met Colin! Now her Granddaughter Lauren who lives in Crowthorne and who has joined St Paul’s planning to marry next year has been send the link for your services and the daily messages of encouragement to her grandparents and Pauline rang to ask if I was the Lynn Smith mentioning donating to the food bank etc. We always send Christmas cards but I have not seen them since before Colin passed away, we talked for over an hour yesterday so thank you to Bertie!

And finally, it wouldn’t be a Bertie email without Bertie’s joke of the day

I was eating some cheese and crackers that were left over from Christmas. The cheese was nice but I found it hard to finish the crackers. In fact I very nearly choked on the plastic moustache and the plastic hair clips.

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