#362: Foodbank Visit Special

Hello again! Bertie here, your faithful friend, fresh from a big adventure in Winnersh where the Wednesday 5,6, 7, 8 Group and those young people preparing for confirmation next month got to have a tour of the Foodbank. They found out all about how the food is sorted and stored, how parcels are put together and what goes into a parcel. We were made very welcome by Josef, Annette and our very own Liz Gallagher and I have to say that I was even given a stray Cheddar biscuit to eat which was a bit misleading because it was more cereal crop than milky delight. Anyway, it was a treat, and lovely to spend time with some of our young people.

Here are my questions and announcements:

All Sts are organising a time of prayer and reflection on the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine, which is being held tomorrow:

This Sunday is the 1st Sunday of Lent- services at 8, 9.30, 10 and 11. It is also the Sunday when we collect donations for the Foodbank- they are happy to receive anything you would like to give but shaving foam and cleaning products are in especially short supply at the moment, along with tins of tomatoes and potatoes- do please bring things along this Sunday or on the following Sunday. Thank you. (If you can’t come to Church then you can leave things in the green basket at the back of Church).

The Lent Course, looking at the daily Lenten Guide Dust and Glory, starts this coming Tuesday on Zoom. It is also going to run after the House Mass on a Wednesday, and again (in person) at Jane Creasy’s house, 8 Arthur Road, at 3pm on a Wednesday. There are thus three ways to join in- pick one! Or, in fact, two. Or three…

It is not too late to think about being confirmed this March- let Richard or Cara know if you need more information.

Revision of Electoral Roll (which is a membership list for the Church, and allows you to stand for election to PCC and also help to elect the PCC, among other things) Applications for admission to the Electoral Roll are invited from Sunday 26th February for four weeks; the date for the closure of applications will be Sunday 26th March.  If you are already on the ER you do not need to apply, the revision is for brand new applicants only.  If you are unsure or have any questions, please speak to Teri Austen or Fr Richard or inquire at the Parish Office.

Also speak to them (or any Church leader) about becoming a PCC Member when he have the election in April, and also about any of the other job vacancies we are currently carrying- Churchwarden, PCC Secretary, Sidespeople, joining the Safeguarding Team, joining the J-Club rota among them.

The Parish Office is closed for the next few weeks so please contact me with any questions- or Richard, I suppose.

The World Day of Prayer Service is on Friday the 3rd of March at Church at 10.30. It is always a memorable occasion in the area and we are delighted to be hosting it this year.

Please come along to the LENT LUNCH: Organised by the Social Committee & Mothers Union

Saturday 11th March 12 noon – 1.30 pm.     Donations to our Charities

Please sign up at the back of the church or email a Social Committee Chair

Alan        Trish

VCS are a group which bring Scripture and art together and they have a comment every day in Lent around Forgiveness and Repentance- it is well worth a visit. Lent 2023 | VCS (

The Choir and several members of the congregation had a great trip to Chichester last Friday, where the Choir sang Evensong. The photos are available to look at here: Choir visit to Chichester – St Paul’s Parish (

Ranelagh School have completed their admissions consultation and the outcomes are now available here from the website.

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