#372: When will it be spring?

I am little confused mouse at the moment- if I put on a jumper I am too hot, if I don’t have a jumper on I am too cold. It is a very hard life and it is just as confusing for my cheese- it all needs to be kept at the optimum temperature but it is so hard to maintain that- do they need a blanket and a heater or do they need some ice and a bit of a breeze? it changes every 20 minutes and it is exhausting. Anyway, enough of my reflections, fascinating though they doubtless are- here is the news.

Coming Soon

Services at 8, 9.30, 10 and 11 this Sunday– where the reading is Luke 24.13-35, the Road to Emmaus.

We will also have a short practice for anyone who has just agreed to help with the chalice on Sunday morning after the 9.30 service. Do please come along if you can.

Please also don’t forget that the Government are testing their public alarm scheme on Sunday afternoon so everyone’s mobiles will receive a message and make a loud noise, whether they are turned on or not. Its a drill- don’t panic, Mr Mainwaring.

Please don’t forget that the APCM and AGM for St Paul’s and St Nick’s happen this Sunday evening at 5pm in the Parish Rooms. It is a key meeting in the life of the parish, where we elect our Wardens and PCC Members, look back over the past year and hear a financial update as well. It is a big part of our shared life and it will be good to have a lot of people there. We aren’t offering a virtual option this year so you will need to come along- coffee and a chair and a warm welcome will be provided.

After the APCM there is a concert by the South Berks Singers in Church from 7.00pm which is raising money for our three Charities- do please come along to support the concert and our charities.

Looking slightly further ahead, on Sunday the 30th at 6.15pm there will be a Service of Stations of the Resurrection followed by Benediction at St Paul’s- the first half will be a chance to look at some of the resurrection appearances in more detail and in a reflective manner, and the second half will be Benediction, which is the proclamation of God’s longing and love for the world made manifest in the Eucharist.

The following weekend is Coronation Weekend– the poster will be out very soon but the main focus of our celebration will be on Sunday afternoon, from about 3 to 6- do please put that in your diary now and do please come along. It will be great to celebrate the Coronation together.

Jobs and Vacancies

Part of the focus of the AGM and APCM is trying to fill some of the roles we need in the life of the parish with people who feel drawn or called to them. Please could you consider whether you could offer a little time/ more time to the parish and whether any of these options would suit you and your skill set and your interests…

Safeguarding Officer to work with Chris Barker on ensuring we are doing everything we should be and can be to keep everyone safe,

Health and Safety Officer

Someone to work to oversee the finances of the Parish Rooms Trust

A Concert manager who will liaise between those using the Church for concerts and the parish and make everything run smoothly,

A reformed Pastoral Care Team

More people to join the team who lead J-Club, and some new servers, and maintain the Churchyard, and serve coffee after Church, and welcome people on a Sunday and…

Please either volunteer at the AGM or speak to Richard or a Warden or Louise at any point.

Notices and Such Things

John and Jenny Ellerbeck have sent their love and best wishes to everyone today, and Jenny says: “John and Jenny would welcome friends to their new home in Wellington Rd please- the telephone number is the same as before . We look forward to seeing people but please ring before in case we are out.”

We have, regretfully, decided that the House Mass next Wednesday (26th) will be the last one for the time being. Watch this space for more ideas about what to do with that slot- but thank you for all those who have hosted it and organised it and come along so faithfully over the last years.

Please can people take great care when they come up for communion. We are trying to position people on the step to help you up and down but a few people have tripped recently. Please watch your feet, accept the helping hand that is offered- and if you would be more comfortable staying in your seat and having communion brought o you, please do that- we are already coming down for other people so one or two extras will make no difference at all.

If anyone would be happy to go round to play Crib with Graham Reed from time to time, or you know someone else who plays and would be willing to go round, please can you let us know.

Also, please look out for the Christian Aid Coffee Morning we are running and hosting in May

News from outside the parish

Here is a really interesting interview with Bishop Steven of Oxford, from the Diocese…

(305) The Bishop of Oxford answers your questions – YouTube

Bits and bobs

A message from Coffee and Chat…

I thought you might like to see this photo of our Easter bonnet competition.   The winner was Sheila who celebrated her 92nd birthday with us.

We celebrated Easter with lots of tea, coffee & nibbles, plus our usual quiz and Easter Bingo and our Easter bonnet competition. Best wishes, Susanna

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